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With the volume of projects I’ve been working on lately, it was only this week that I finally had the time to update my website and blog. Originally I was planning to simply freshen up the content, but after some consideration, I decided to create something a little more user friendly. Mainly this user. The problem with the original site was that my blog had to be a sub-domain, rather than simply a page on the site.

Besides the new look, the blog being integrated directly to the site and new projects listed for option and purchase, I have also removed the multiple bloggers feature. This is simply due to the lack of new content by those that wanted to blog. They were excited to start with and then when it came to actually pushing the pen they are no where to be found. Such is the business. I have seen a lot of people that want to be writers, but they don’t have the dedication to do the actual grind.

Apparently most people that want to be writers forget that the title is also the action. They have to write.

With this updated blog I’ll be also doing some reviews on various restaurants (since I love good food) and my purchase experiences for various items that might be of interest to a reader.

Take the time to visit my new indie film website www.MaxItMagazine.com – The Voice Of Indie Film. It’s currently the fastest growing indie film site on the web, having just broken the 500K visitor mark and set to hit 1.5 million by the end of the year. Over the next week it will be transferred to the new server and the update launched. You can also find a my column ‘The Indie Realm’ there.

That does it for this quick post.

Carpe Diem!


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