The Rating System…


Am I the only one out there that is getting bothered by the parents that are bringing their children to rated R movies, such as ‘Hang Over 2’?

Do these parents really care so little for their children’s emotional well-being?

‘Hang Over 2’ I found to be very amusing, in a VERY adult way, but entirely inappropriate for children and found myself feeling uncomfortable watching the movie, while the several small children continually covered their eyes, or turned their heads away. The parents apparently not even noticing.

Have we become so emotionally stunted, as a people, that we don’t even notice, or say anything about situations such as this?

Or is it just that I’m being overly sensitive to the situation and should just let it go?

I always thought we had the rating system in place for a reason. If so, then is it simply the parent’s responsibility, or does the theater itself held a an iota of blame for allowing this type of situation to occur?

Lots of questions, but not too many answers it seems.

Personally, I find it disgraceful of the parents and seriously lacking in judgement for the theater not make an attempt to stop such blatant irresponsibility to happen at their locations.

As usual, it’s probably just my opinion.


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