Scripts & Projects…

Being an extremely active writer, Scott has a large library of works available for purchase or option. A small sample can be found below.

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Available Scripts:

Title, Genre, Logline & Comparable Film or Series.


  • 26 Miles – Drama – A 14 year-old girl steals a skiff and sets sail to Catalina Island with nothing but a bottle of gin in an effort to understand her mother’s alcoholism and abusive relationship. – True Story.
  • Black Water Weekend – Horror – In an effort to change the life of troubled teens, a probation officer takes them on a rafting trip, only to anger a monster that begins hunting them.
  • Terminal – Suspense/Thriller – An assassin hires the terminally ill to carry out his hits. Available as a feature & series.
  • The Vessel – Sci-fi/Horror – An alien seeks revenge when her young are put in danger. – Alien.


  • Terminal: The Series – Suspense/Thriller – The life of an assassin that hires the terminally ill to carry out his hits. – Breaking Bad.
  • The Brotherhood (Pilot – The Colonel) – Drama – Life inside the Russian mob. – Sopranos.


Recently Sold or Optioned Scripts/Projects:

  • A Crazy Life
  • Anica: The Series
  • Virus
  • Street Eyes
  • Anica: The Series
  • Lethal Danger
  • The Tunnels
  • Andre Norton Documentary
  • Two Dudes On A Couch
  • 15 Episodes of a Series. (Ghostwriter)