Election Day


It’s been a while since I have had time to blog, though I know (by the emails I get) that I should do it a bit more often. I’ll do what I can about that, but today is something a little different. Today is Election Day!

Not as exciting as it was four years ago, but it is still rather exciting to know what is going to happen between our two interesting candidates – Obama & Romney. Maybe they should just run on the same ticket. Just a thought.

OK, back to the topic at hand. This is a piece of flash fiction that I wrote while the last election was going on. I think it still has some validity to it, so I place it here for your nimble minds to ponder.




A Piece of Speculative Fiction For The Current Times

By Scott C. Brown

He slid across the open sidewalk knowing that for that moment he was in the full glare of the overhead lights. Sweat poured down his brow, as he pressed his body tighter up against the base of the fountain, gaining as little shadow as it offered.
The fence was merely a few hundred meters away, but from where he now lay it might as well have been protected by a moat filled with unknown monsters. This thought actually made him smirk in his mind, as he realized how true this was, since he knew every sensor was turned on him and those around him right at that moment. It was only due to the electronic disruptors he was wearing that gave him any feeling of protection against the eyes that could see in the day or night.
Had they hacked the correct feeds? Had their distractions worked?
No sirens. No swarm of troops.
Breathe! Just breathe damn it! He screamed silently at himself, as he forced his body to slither along the edge of the fountain, until he finally reached the next open area he was forced to cross. Grasping the long range rifle tight to his chest he started rolling across the small gap of open sidewalk.
He never felt the first bullet rip into him, nor did any of the rest of the team, for there were hundreds of such rounds that were spent for each of them in mere seconds.
The man in the Oval Office sat silently looking at the newscast, as massive riots played across the screen.
Why couldn’t these simple people understand that he was only doing what he had promised them he would? They had elected him to protect them, and in doing so gave him the power needed to make it happen. He was now doing just that. That boy they had elected wasn’t going to do it, and that is why he had to simply tell them that he wouldn’t be giving up his position. It wasn’t ego. It was that he was what was needed to protect the country, not that boy.
The door opened.
“Mr. President?”
“Mr. President, the most recent assault has been deflected, sir. We expect most of those insighting the disturbances to be in custody within the day.”
“Don’t they understand what I’m trying to do?” He mumbled to himself.
A look of confusion crossed the young man’s face. “Sir?”
“Nothing!” The President spoke a little louder.
“Is there anything else, Mr. President?”
“Please have them bring in the one that got elected. We should take care of that before there are any more problems.”
“Yes, Mr. President.”


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