Everyone is a critic… Or so the old saying goes. That is not what this little rant is about though. This is about the “professional” movie critics that think they are all that, but apparently can’t understand what their job entails.

One of my favorite sites is Rotten Tomatoes, since it has a large selection of critics and viewers stating their opinions. It is this site that draws my ire.  Not the site itself, but some of the pompous asses that think they are movie reviewers, yet have all too apparently not even seen the movie they are reviewing.

When a critic merely lists the actors in the project and makes comments based on their past works, rather than evaluates them on their ability to carry the story along, as they are paid to do, than I believe that it is disgraceful for anyone to call them a “professional”.

I’m not stating that simply due to the fact that they disagree with my opinion on a movie they are wrong. That would be even more ridiculous. This is literally about those that can’t even take the time to evaluate a movie based on that movie.

A good example of this is ‘Hall Pass’. If you have ever seen the movie than you will understand what bothers me about what a few of the critics state.

I truly wonder what they were expecting from this downplayed comedy? Laugh tracks? It wasn’t suppose to be a laughing brawl of a movie. It was suppose to be a humorous piece that compared the points of marital bliss with the realities of marriage and what matters. Pretty straight forward fun piece. Not something to take your kids too, not a over the top winner, but a well-written, well-acted, overall decent movie. One you would probably want to see on video, but one you would probably have a couple of chuckles from.

Even with saying that, I come full circle with wondering what movie they watched, if any, since they commented about past works by those involved, but some never really said anything about the movie based on the movie. That is what bothers me.

As to the critics that just didn’t like the movie, due to the fact they didn’t like the movie, then kudos to you for stating your opinion in a clear, concise manner. You might want to give a review of a few of the reviewers next time they can’t seem to focus on the movie before them.


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