Scott Charles Brown, born in Merced, CA. on 16 January 1971, but upon his adoption before his first birthday, found himself relocated just outside of Portland, OR. to the small town of Boring, OR. Though he had acres to roam, which he did often, from the time a book could be lifted off the voluminous bookshelves, he became an avid and voracious reader of anything within reach. Even go so far as to stealing books off his father’s nightstand and reading them into the wee hours of the morning by the tiny light bulb in his electric blanket controller. Quickly discovering the flow of missing books, his father set the rule down that Scott could read whatever he wanted, but only after his father finished with them.

Besides plays in church and school, Scott’s first taste of film, as a featured extra at the tender age of seven, was on the Pacific Northwest TV show ‘Cooking with Chef Horst Mager’. This also became his first speaking role when the Chef pulled him out of the audience and had him join him on stage. This opportunity came when his mother pulled him out of school to join her as an audience member, since he had shown a passion for cooking. Though never taking acting as more than a hobby, this would continue for several hundred projects and a 35 year span of his life.

When his father was crippled by hit head-on accident with a drunk driver in 1978, reading became the world that he could submerge himself in and not have to deal with the issues that this turn of events created in the family. It was reading that gave him solace and time for him to understand himself better. Though he held that passion for reading throughout his life, it wasn’t until freshman year of high school and extreme bullying that he decided to explore writing as an outlet. This initial interest in writing was shutdown when he was told by his English teacher that he had no ability to write and would never amount to anything in general.

Yearbook photo from Scott's Freshman year at Sam Barlow H.S.

Freshman yearbook photo.

On a split-entry program that allows a person to go to Basic and A.I.T. between their Junior and Senior year, Scott joined the Oregon National Guard. Instead of going to Senior year, he went active duty with the US Army and after serving at duty stations stateside, requested an overseas duty station.

After returning from the overseas tour of duty and working to adjust to the world he left to the world he was now dropped into, Scott decided to explore the country. Sticking out his thumb he began to travel extensively, spending little time anywhere. It was during these travels, along the Texas & New Mexico border, that he accepted a ride that would change the path of his life. It would be that choice that set him back on the path that he had started so long ago and renewed his passion in writing.

With a torrential rain falling, a pickup truck stopped with 5 men riding in it, 2 being hitchhikers as well, along with 3 that were traveling together from Arkansas. Offering a ride to Scott for a gas donation, stating their final location would be Los Angeles, he decided it would be a better alternative to standing under the overpass and waiting for another ride. Riding with the group for 3 days, it was only after a SWAT team and dozens of officers arrested the 3 that Scott discovered that they were wanted for multiple murders, rape in Arkansas and they were planning to kill him and one of the other hitchhikers, as the third had already left the group earlier in the trip.

Photo of Scott from 2010

Photo from 2010.

After taking the next year and reevaluating his life, Scott went to work as a production assistant at the same newspaper and for the same editor that had interviewed him in the Arkansas murder case. A few months after going to work for the newspaper the same editor asked him to write 6″ and a headline to fill a hole. Writing the short article, the editor reviewed the story stating to Scott, “At least you got 3 words in the fucking headline right. Now go write it again!” Several revisions later, it was that article that became the first story Scott wrote as a journalist.

Taking the opportunity he had been given, Scott quickly advanced from writing the occasional article to becoming a regular and preferred journalist for a plethora of news, featured articles and a wide variety of other writing projects. During this time he developed several new types of publications and sold them to the holding company of the newspaper he was working for. Eight years later he bought the small community newspaper. Just over 2 years later it was the fastest growing weekly newspaper in the US, covering the desert regions of Arizona, California and Nevada.

Original Manuscript

Draft of ‘The Journey Forth’.

After 9/11, Scott took the next couple of years to transition his businesses plans. Progressively stepping away from the newspapers, magazines and the traditional print side of his businesses, he took a year long sabbatical in Dutch Harbor, AK. to work on the initial draft of his first novel (The Journey Forth) in his sci-fi series (Chronicles Of The Myles Standish – www.ChroniclesOfTheMylesStandish.com). Upon returning, he ramped up his small, but successful, writing and producing company Pushing The Pen (www.PushingThePen.com). This shift in philosophy went so far as to phase out all projects except those that related to the radio, video, film and television industries. It was also over this time period that his interest faded from being in front of the camera as an actor and model. Since he had successfully sold several dozens projects, he finally went so far as to move to Orange County, CA. in order to take more of the meetings being requested.

Taking the knowledge and experience that his successful writing, producing and publishing career has given, he now mentors writers that want to make a living by pushing the pen in an effort to give back to the industry that has given him so much.

In January of 2013, Scott, through his company Max It Enterprises, launched the online magazine Max It Magazine (www.MaxItMagazine.com), which has already become the fastest growing independent film site on the internet, surpassing 1,000,000 visitors in 2013, and is recognized as the voice for indie film by filmmakers worldwide.

To learn more about what film projects Scott has recently written and produce, visit www.IMDB.me/ScottCBrown, or www.PushingThePen.com. Follow him on Twitter (@PushingThePen) and Facebook (Scott C. Brown).