2012 – The End of the World!


As the calendar runs out, we face the definitive end of the world… Or not.

I’m sure that there will be major changes, as usual, but I have this instilled suspicion that the world will not end, just as the computer world did not with the Y2K issue. The transition into the 13th phase of the Mayan calendar (I believe is how it is phrased) will show the start of a new cycle, which I have to say is rather impressive. A calendar, not just known for its accuracy, but for the unique nature of its keeping of the days, years, etc. Unlike the calendar that is used in our day an age, which has to have a day added every few years to keep things running accurately. Huh? Leap Year… Because we can’t follow in the paths of those that have shown to work? Ego?

On to other things.

It is an extremely exciting time for me, as I am in the production phase of the ‘Andre Norton Project’. It is a video biography about the great author’s life. She is the one that inspired me to become a writer in the first place, so it is an amazing honor to be the one to produce this project. I’m expecting to have it timed out for pre-sale on her 100th birthday of 17 February 2012 and full release shortly after that. Having spent 6 days at DragonCon this last year interview some of the nations top writers in science fiction and fantasy has given a plethora of footage that is taking some serious time to crop down to a reasonable length. After all the hub-bub of Christmas now in the past, I have been able to get back to the process and it is going well.

I’m wondering if Hollywood is going to continue on the recycling of old screenplays and remakes, or if they are actually going to give us a decent year of film… So far I have been greatly disappointed. There are a few that look good, such as Tin-Tin, which I’m planning on checking out this week, but there are several that I dread even bothering to watch on video. Yet, watching movies is part of my job, so I must forge through the nightmare that is Hollywood and look for that gem that is buried.

I would love to see them not produce a film aimed at the lowest common denominator and  give our brains a bit of a workout. There must be scripts out there along the lines of ‘The Usual Suspects’. Something that creates an impact, but will still entertain. Maybe I’m just dreaming.

If all goes well, my first science fiction novel, ‘The Journey Forth’, in the series ‘Chronicles of the Myles Standish’ will be wrapped up this year. I’m well into the editing process, but have found a few thing that need to be fixed, yet a writer can continue to edit until the cows come home and never finish. I’ll just have to finally throw it out there and see what happens. The issue that I face is that with it being the first in the series, I’m setting the rules for the entire universe down and will be forced to follow them through the rest of the series. Unlike fantasy that allows you to change the rules at will, science fiction is much more restrictive. Once natural laws are set you have to obey them, unless you come up with a scientific way to go around them, or change them outright.

I’m still working on my adventure series as well. It’s been put on the back burner though, due to the ‘Andre Norton Project’.

Will 2012 truly be the end of the world? Well, maybe the end of the world as we know it, but I have my doubts about otherwise. Maybe we’ll finally discover true life on other worlds, or maybe some intelligent life in government. Now that would be a true sign of the end of the world, wouldn’t it?


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